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Cords, Cables and Appliance Termination for Home Electrical Lines

Posted on: 6/19/2019 at

Cords, Cables and Appliance Termination for Home Electrical Lines

Our customers rely on Epic Electric to come in and do electrical jobs quickly and efficiently – and to do them right.

Some people like to pursue DIY solutions in their homes. That might be fine for a coat of paint or when some trim or molding is broken off of a door frame, but with electricity, many feel it’s better to call the professionals.

Some people feel like electrical work is easy, as long as you turn the power off before you start.

However, some deceptive complexities do occur when you’re trying to manage even a basic electrical project.

One common example is adding an electrical line for a high-powered appliance like a dishwasher or water heater.

Water heaters in particular, for example, utilize their own specific voltage connections, and it’s not as simple as it may seem.

Lots of people who are not professional electricians know the difference between 110 volts and 220 volts.

Fewer of them may know the difference between three wire and four wire connections, but those who have tried to install a water heater on their own have often run into this discrepancy.

The four wire setup was recommended by the National Electrical Code and has been implemented since 1996. It’s just one of many examples of the building code changing and evolving over time. Four wire construction is meant to minimize the risk of death by electric shock.

Practically, though, what this means is that the average home project gets harder to accomplish, because whoever is doing it has to figure out what’s in place, and what should be in place. That may mean calling the big box shop where you got a deal on a water heater and trying to get someone to tell you what type of appliance you have – and working that knowledge into your knowledge of code requirements.

If you start the project without knowing whether three wire or four wire is required, or what’s in place, you’re looking at a minimum of another trip to the store to try to figure out how to source a different adapter for the electrical line. So it’s often not as simple as just running a line and plugging in your appliance.

We run into customers who talk about these kinds of issues all the time. Sometimes someone who bit off one of these projects on their own got frustrated enough to call a professional shop to come handle a renovation or upgrade.

Investing in professional electrical maintenance and repair service gives you a convenient and hassle-free way to manage home improvement tasks related to your home’s connection to the electrical grid. It also gives you peace of mind about the safety and stability of the electrical apparatus in your home. We stand behind our work, and we’re proud to be a top firm in the Murietta, CA area – give us a call!