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Four Key Services for Our Customer Base

Posted on: 6/3/2019 at

Epic Electric helps residential and commercial clients with a range of electrical needs.

We provide electrical contractor services to a broad spectrum of clients who need commercial electrician or residential electrician contractors for jobs both large and small. Our licensed electrician teams work on timelines and according to project management goals, capably outfitting client properties with what they need to function well.

Generator Installation and Repair

For both residential and commercial jobs, generator services are extremely important to the integrity of property management.

In a residential property, a properly installed and serviced generator provides electrical support to the property when the electrical grid goes down. That allows for keeping the home or space livable, sanitary, and habitable when there’s a problem with power line delivery.

This is even more important in many commercial applications, for example, commercial facilities that include:

  • Walk-in freezers
  • Coolers for refrigerated products
  • Point of sale infrastructure
  • On-site HVAC and sewer served by electrical equipment

All of these systems rely on having consistently available electricity and a generator provides key backup. (Some businesses are also required to have working generator services according to federal government rules.)

Electric Panel Installation and Evaluation

Electric panels and boxes are the heart of residential and commercial electrical systems. Our experienced technicians know how to set up or change an electrical panel to facilitate a client’s needs. We add power, run lines and expand boxes based on careful industry standard and protocol, to add functionality to a property safely and efficiently.

Wiring Installation

In the electrical field, wiring installation is one of the logistically challenging services we provide to clients. Any significant wiring installation has to take into account new building and renovation timelines, and other services such as plumbing, drywall and finishing.

Our teams know how to plan a wiring installation project to make everything run on time, and to deal with logistical challenges such as obstacles and equipment installations that may happen around the same time frame.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are really emerging on the American road, and electric vehicle charging stations are a common part of what we provide for property owners as this type of service becomes more popular across the industry and across the county. (As an early adopter, these services are especially popular in California.)

A wide range of commercial customer use EV charging stations to enhance their business locations – to offer electric vehicle drivers the opportunity to get a wider range for the road. These facilities complement a lot of retail business services, and so effective installation and maintenance are important.

Take a look at Epic Electric and our testimonials and gallery to see more of what we do for clients. Get reliable electrical work from a trusted and established shop in the Murrieta, CA area. Remember: “It’s Not a Job, It’s a Skill!”