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Helpful Tips to Maintain Home Electrical Outlets and Switches
Posted on: 8/22/2019 at 2:05 PM
If you are like most homeowners, you may not think much of the electrical outlets and switches found throughout your home. However, there’s a lot that goes on with this system. Similar to any other appliance, the switches and outlets in your home require regular maintenance to continue operating properly. When you maintain your switches and outlets, you can have confidence that your electronics will function properly and ensure the safety of your family and home. If an outlet is damaged, it can destroy electronics, appliances, shock someone, or start a fire. No homeowner wants to be in a position where they have to deal with an electrical hazard, and with the tips here, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Preventing Electrical Hazards

Approximately 25,000 electrical home fires have been caused by malfunctioning outlets, resulting in $1 billion in damages. A damaged outlet isn’t just a safety concern, but a financial one, too. Repairing damaged outlets and switches can be expensive. Outdated or old switches and outlets may also be an invitation for unwanted pests, such as bedbugs. Luckily, with some regular maintenance, you can prevent most electrical hazards from ever taking shape.

Test the Outlets Regularly

It’s a good idea to check the outlets in your home regularly to prevent damages and to catch any issue early on. Monitor if your appliances and electronics are acting right when plugged in and if lights flicker when something is plugged in, it could indicate a home wiring problem. You can purchase an outlet tester at the hardware store, which can be plugged into your outlets and let you know if there is a problem. Ideally, test your home’s outlets once a month.

Replace all Old Wiring

A common culprit for damaged switches and outlets may have nothing to do with them directly. In fact, the issue could lie with your home’s wiring. Outdated and old wiring can’t keep up with the electric demands of modern technology. If the wiring is outdated, old, or unable to keep up, it’s best to have a licensed electrician replace it.

Purchase Only Reliable Electrical Products

It may be tempting to reduce your costs by investing in affordable, knock-off electrical products. However, replacement parts for your switches and outlets need to be acquired from a reputable retailer. If you aren’t sure about a product, look for a safety certification, such as Underwriters Laboratories.

Don’t Try to Repair Your Home’s Wiring

You may be tempted to repair the wiring in your home on your own. However, unless you are a licensed electrician and have the proper training, you may hurt yourself, someone else, or cause damage to your home. Trying to work on your wiring without proper training may even cause a bigger issue. If there is something wrong, it’s best to leave the repairs to the professionals.

Call the Pros for Electrical Repairs

If you notice an issue with your home’s outlets or switches, call the professionals right away. While maintenance and testing are crucial, if there is a more serious problem, it should be properly repaired before serious consequences occur.
Effective Electrical Upgrades to Help Make Your Home Safer
Posted on: 7/24/2019 at 5:49 AM
Each day you use electricity in your home. Usually, you do this without even thinking about it. However, since electricity is such a vital part of day-to-day life, it’s a good idea to invest in electrical upgrades from time to time. No longer is it realistic to have electricity just for powering your lights and a few appliances. If you are like most modern families, you likely have multiple televisions, devices, central AC, and more that requires a steady and reliable source of power. If your home is older, there’s a very good chance that your electrical system isn’t up to par. Chances are, it can't effectively power your modern lifestyle safely. There may also come a time when you or your children want to sell the house, and the more up-to-code your home is now, the better off you will be when it is time to sell. If you are ready to make electrical upgrades in your home, consider the ones found here. These are some of the best ways to help ensure your home’s electrical system continues to operate properly and safely for years to come.

Bury Your Power Lines

Buried power lines offer an array of benefits. They eliminate the possibility of wires getting tangled running from the street to your house, and also protect the wires from potential wind damage or falling limbs. With buried power lines, the instances of no power will be reduced significantly.

Add USB Ports to Your Electrical Outlets

You likely have more than a few devices that use USB ports for charging. Rather than having to have the adapter to plug these devices into a typical electrical outlet, consider having USB ports installed. The convenience offered by several USB ports or even a USB hub is well worth the investment.

Add GFCI and AFCI Devices

The majority of building codes today require this type of electrical safety device to be installed in all new homes – and there’s a good reason for this. Protecting your family against electrical fires is the job of the arc fault circuit interrupter – ACFI. Protecting against deadly electric shocks is the job of the ground fault circuit interrupter – GCFI. After all, if there is technology available to prevent these types of accidents and injuries, why not use it?

Invest in Structured Wiring

Standard electrical upgrades will maintain your home’s value. However, when you add structured wiring, which is heavy-duty data cables, you are enabling the latest features offered by security systems, computers, stereo equipment, televisions, and more. This can help to increase the value of your home.

Upgrade Your Electric Meter to a 200-Amp Service

As previously mentioned, the majority of homes are “power-hungry” with multiple devices and appliances running at all times. The 100-amp service may no longer support the power you need. If this is the case, upgrading to a 200-amp service makes sense.

Electrical Upgrades Make Sense

As a homeowner, it just makes sense to make the electrical upgrades listed here. If you are ready to move forward, make sure to call the professionals for help, today.
Cords, Cables and Appliance Termination for Home Electrical Lines
Posted on: 6/19/2019 at 12:31 PM
Cords, Cables and Appliance Termination for Home Electrical Lines Our customers rely on Epic Electric to come in and do electrical jobs quickly and efficiently – and to do them right. Some people like to pursue DIY solutions in their homes. That might be fine for a coat of paint or when some trim or molding is broken off of a door frame, but with electricity, many feel it's better to call the professionals. Some people feel like electrical work is easy, as long as you turn the power off before you start. However, some deceptive complexities do occur when you're trying to manage even a basic electrical project. One common example is adding an electrical line for a high-powered appliance like a dishwasher or water heater. Water heaters in particular, for example, utilize their own specific voltage connections, and it's not as simple as it may seem. Lots of people who are not professional electricians know the difference between 110 volts and 220 volts. Fewer of them may know the difference between three wire and four wire connections, but those who have tried to install a water heater on their own have often run into this discrepancy. The four wire setup was recommended by the National Electrical Code and has been implemented since 1996. It's just one of many examples of the building code changing and evolving over time. Four wire construction is meant to minimize the risk of death by electric shock. Practically, though, what this means is that the average home project gets harder to accomplish, because whoever is doing it has to figure out what's in place, and what should be in place. That may mean calling the big box shop where you got a deal on a water heater and trying to get someone to tell you what type of appliance you have – and working that knowledge into your knowledge of code requirements. If you start the project without knowing whether three wire or four wire is required, or what's in place, you're looking at a minimum of another trip to the store to try to figure out how to source a different adapter for the electrical line. So it's often not as simple as just running a line and plugging in your appliance. We run into customers who talk about these kinds of issues all the time. Sometimes someone who bit off one of these projects on their own got frustrated enough to call a professional shop to come handle a renovation or upgrade. Investing in professional electrical maintenance and repair service gives you a convenient and hassle-free way to manage home improvement tasks related to your home’s connection to the electrical grid. It also gives you peace of mind about the safety and stability of the electrical apparatus in your home. We stand behind our work, and we’re proud to be a top firm in the Murietta, CA area – give us a call!
Four Key Services for Our Customer Base
Posted on: 6/3/2019 at 11:20 AM

Epic Electric helps residential and commercial clients with a range of electrical needs.

We provide electrical contractor services to a broad spectrum of clients who need commercial electrician or residential electrician contractors for jobs both large and small. Our licensed electrician teams work on timelines and according to project management goals, capably outfitting client properties with what they need to function well.

Generator Installation and Repair

For both residential and commercial jobs, generator services are extremely important to the integrity of property management.

In a residential property, a properly installed and serviced generator provides electrical support to the property when the electrical grid goes down. That allows for keeping the home or space livable, sanitary, and habitable when there’s a problem with power line delivery.

This is even more important in many commercial applications, for example, commercial facilities that include:

  • Walk-in freezers
  • Coolers for refrigerated products
  • Point of sale infrastructure
  • On-site HVAC and sewer served by electrical equipment

All of these systems rely on having consistently available electricity and a generator provides key backup. (Some businesses are also required to have working generator services according to federal government rules.)

Electric Panel Installation and Evaluation

Electric panels and boxes are the heart of residential and commercial electrical systems. Our experienced technicians know how to set up or change an electrical panel to facilitate a client's needs. We add power, run lines and expand boxes based on careful industry standard and protocol, to add functionality to a property safely and efficiently.

Wiring Installation

In the electrical field, wiring installation is one of the logistically challenging services we provide to clients. Any significant wiring installation has to take into account new building and renovation timelines, and other services such as plumbing, drywall and finishing.

Our teams know how to plan a wiring installation project to make everything run on time, and to deal with logistical challenges such as obstacles and equipment installations that may happen around the same time frame.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are really emerging on the American road, and electric vehicle charging stations are a common part of what we provide for property owners as this type of service becomes more popular across the industry and across the county. (As an early adopter, these services are especially popular in California.)

A wide range of commercial customer use EV charging stations to enhance their business locations – to offer electric vehicle drivers the opportunity to get a wider range for the road. These facilities complement a lot of retail business services, and so effective installation and maintenance are important.

Take a look at Epic Electric and our testimonials and gallery to see more of what we do for clients. Get reliable electrical work from a trusted and established shop in the Murrieta, CA area. Remember: “It’s Not a Job, It’s a Skill!”